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Rip Card Printing
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Product Description

Rip Cards Printing

How to Make Rip Cards an Efficient Marketing Tool

Ripcards are the fantastic concept of increasing the customer’s engagement and for the campaign lifting. It allows fun as we can make it interactive and customizing according to the marketing campaign. With the help of customized printing, you can get the exact product which you were looking for!!

Many real estate and other business professionals make frequent use of rip cards. The main portion of the card is to highlight of one or two of its listings. Listing specifics and images are housed on this portion of the card. It consists of tear off piece which is agent’s business card and the ads along with rates and benefits are given to the customer which is the primary portion of the card.

Ripcards are ideal for those business owners who always needs that their customer should remain in touch with them. It may include Appointment Cards, Event Tickets, Membership Cards, Raffle Tickets, Real Estate Featured Properties, Special Promotions, Multiple Coupon Offers and lots more. They are in great demand because they serve dual purpose. Firstly, they give you more space for advertising. Secondly, they allow you to attach a tab regarding to discounts and other promotional benefits.

Try to be creative with your custom rip card design with a variety of aspects that are available. Addition of unique design can make the whole concept more memorable as well. Creative professionals, charitable organizations, musicians, and special event companies often incorporate rip cards to promote both their brand and a specific event along with their products or service.

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